Battlefield 2142 1.51 Patch Not Forgotten

DICE has reassured Battlefield 2142 fans that the long-awaited 1.52 patch is still in development.

In a post on the official forum the developer confirms the 1.51 patch is still incoming, despite a long delay since its announcement last year.

A DICE producer calling himself Bazajaytee on the EA forums confirmed that he and programmer Niklas are “lined up to work on BF2142 once we can leave BFBC2 alone for a while.”

“We do have some good content coming in 1.51 too including BF2142 version of Operation Blue Pearl, removal of SecuROM and Safedisc DRM from the exe file and some unmentioned content from Jason Brice who made us Operation Shingle (which he has also fixed the bridge glitch on),” reads the post.

“So BF2142 v1.51 is at least a few months out but it is certainly still coming and we haven’t forgotten about it.”

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