PS3 and PC servers are “solid”, apparently.
Been playing Battlefield 3 online over the past week or so? If you have then it’s fairly likely that you’ve experienced some form of instability in online games and even difficulty in joining them. 
We know we have, especially when it comes to playing as a squad with other people on our friend’s list (on 360).
Well, it seems that EA are on the case and have solved the majority of issues:
“We’ve turned a corner,” an EA spokesperson said. “We had a great weekend with solid server stability on PS3 and PC. Xbox 360 servers are at 95%, as a small percentage of people are experiencing intermittent volatility which we are addressing. We believe that the major issues are behind us, but our Online teams will not be happy until we’re at 100%. We continue to work on solving for each issue.”
That’s all well and good, but still unacceptable. Releasing a major title with so many multiplayer infrastructure deficiencies is ridiculous. No matter how many statements EA give us about “the number of players has exceeded our expectations” it doesn’t make up for the fact that so many people have had problems playing the very element that the pre-release beta was supposed to test.
Surely, for a game of this level of hype (hype built up primarily by EA themselves), one would over-compensate in terms of server load in a bid to make sure everyone is kepy happy. Especially with Modern Warfare 3 around the corner…
Epic Games held a pre-release beta for Gears of War 3, did they experience the same level of problems upon the game’s release? No, they took the info they gathered and used it to provide a multiplayer framework that works.
EA are a bigger player than Epic, so why can’t they do the same?
Oh, and will those that have suffered issues over the past week be compensated for not being properly able to use the product they bought? No. 
“We are always looking at ways to generate customer satisfaction and our number one road to their happiness is to get everyone playing smoothly and ensure 100 percent stability.,” said EA. “We are gamers, too, and we understand that no gift will match the experience of getting in the game and playing with friends.”
EA are gamers, too? All is forgiven then.
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Source (Qoutes): Kotaku

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