Battlefield 3 pre-orders pass 2 million in North America

The latest pre-order charts for North America have been posted by VGChartz showing the pre-order numbers for Battlefield 3.
According the latest figures released, Battlefield 3 has managed to just surpass two million pre-orders in North America for week ending 22 October.

X360 – 1,220,472
PS3 – 550,363
PC- 204,335

These are impressive numbers but if you look at the competition, Modern Warfare 3 currently has pre-orders of 2.8 million and there is still a week to go until it hits the shops.

X360 – 1,979,769
PS3 – 773,042
PC- 84,716

The figures indicate that between the two titles, Battlefield 3 is the the game of choice for PC gamers by quite a margin while 360 gamers are opting for MW3. 
Source: VGChartz