There’s a launch trailer for Battlefield 3’s ‘Armored Kill’ DLC in town, and it wants to run over your fences, strafe your house with helicopter gunfire and parachute onto your roof. Yes, if you’re a PS3 owner with Battlefield ‘Premium’ membership, the new add-on should be available to you from today.

    Let’s quickly revisit the somewhat confusing release schedule to see when everyone else can get hold of it:

    • Battlefield 3 Premium Members (on PS3) – 4 September
    • Battlefield 3 Premium Members (Xbox 360 and PC) – 11 September
    • Battlefield 3 Players (PS3) – 18 September
    • Battlefield 3 Players (Xbox 360 and PC) – 25 September

    Non-Premium players, of course, will also have to pay $15 USD for it. If they do so, they’ll gain access to what is promising to be “the biggest map in Battlefield history” and a whole lot of vehicle combat.

    Peter Parrish

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