DICE have released information about the multiplayer classes in Battlefield 3, which are now streamlined down to four choices.
Players will be able to choose between Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon roles, each (as ever) with their own specalties.
Assault is “still the frontline run and gun class” but will also be able to perform the medic role. If you don’t fancy helping other people out on the frontline you can still equip yourself as a death machine instead, but all the previous medic-type abilities will now be available to Assault characters.
The Engineer will still be doing his or her traditional engineer thing; fixing vehicles and blowing them up in equal measure. Carbine weapons and an RPG will be his tools of choice.
Support will be laying down some fire from his light machine gun, making use of a new feature in Battlefield 3 – suppressive fire. Apparently, players in cover under suppressive fire will get a blur effect to let them know they’re in a tight spot. Not only that, but aiming will be affected when under suppressive fire, and the person laying it down will be getting bonus points.
Finally, Recon is the same sniping dickhead you know and loathe. He’s suited for gathering intel and popping heads off at 500 miles. However, “new teamplay oriented gadgets” are also promised for the Recon chap, so that may change his role a little. More details on these toys are promised in forthcoming weeks.
Battlefield 3 is due for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in late October.
Source: blogs.battlefield.ea.com

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