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Battlefield 3’s Tactical Flashlight is dumb, finally being fixed

Now, I’m not usually one of those people that say “that’s not realistic, therefore that’s dumb” but when it comes to Battlefield 3’s Tactical Flashlight it really is very, very dumb. Anyone that has been at the receiving end of the thing is probably permanently blind right now and knows exactly what I’m talking about (if they could read this that is).
Finally DICE have realised that the ‘perk’ is ridiculous and are going about changing it. The above picture shows how the developer plans to reduce its effectiveness. The lens flare still looks like it’s coming from the world’s most powerful torch but at least it looks as though it’s realistic enough to work in videogame world.
Next up: removing the ability to magically warp in and out of tanks. I’m sure it takes the average soldier at least 30 seconds to get in and out one of those things.