Battlefield 4 China Rising

DICE are really not having much luck with Battlefield 4 and the problems continue despite the patch earlier today, only this time it’s the new Battlefield 4 China Rising that’s the culprit.

The China Rising DLC landed on the servers earlier with the now familiar Battlefield 4 feature of players being disconnected from the servers. It is a feature right? It has of course not gone unnoticed and DICE are working on a fix and updated their support page to convey the message.

While playing Battlefield 4 with China Rising installed on PC, I get dropped from a game soon after joining

Some PC players of Battlefield 4 China Rising have found themselves getting kicked from servers within seconds of joining.

DICE have identified the issue and is implementing a solution to the problem. This fix will take some time to be fully completed, but players should be noticing normal gameplay behavior soon.

The official forums are not a great place to be right now, there’s some pretty savoury language because of this problem and the fact that some players can’t access the DLC through Origin. I was also experiencing the Origin problem until I shut it down completely and restarted it a couple of times.

Battlefield 4 has been a pretty horrendous release for EA and DICE and unless things get sorted soon the official forums will probably implode.

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