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EA and DICE have announced a new preset feature in Battlelog which will allow players to have complete sets of gear, eliminating the need to edit each slot individually.Swapping out the different presets is handled with the Battlelog app on a tablet or can be done mid-game.This new feature will roll out April 8th. Source Gameinformer

From the Battlefield Blog EA writes “Loadout Presets are a way to save kit or vehicle setups so that you can easily switch between them when going into a Battlefield 4 multiplayer match. With this time-saving feature, you no longer have to edit each slot individually in the Customize screen when you want to change your Loadout. Note that Loadout Presets will only be available on Battlelog in Battlefield 4, and not be reflected in-game. You apply Presets to your Loadout, which then follows you in-game when you save it.”

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