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Battlefield 4 multiplayer launch trailer actually appears on time

Battlefield 4 - 06

Warning: Battlefield 4 may contain scenes of Omar from The Wire looking stunned and vaguely horrified at something in the distance.

Unlike the bizarrely early SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow launch trailer, this multiplayer launch trailer for Battlefield 4 is appropriately timed. How weird.

As you might expect, this trailer is primarily focused on showing off two things: different terrains (Plains! City! Snow!) and gigantic explosions. Fortunately for the cynics among us who heaved a huge sigh at that last sentence, there’s also a bit of an eye for the ridiculous, with an ATV being driven off the top of a skyscraper. That’s more like the Battlefield I know.

Have a gander at the launch trailer and a brand new batch of screenshots below. As we don’t attend review events, our review of the game will be up later this week.