Battlefield 4 patch rolls out to fix common server crashes

Battlefield 4 server

Crashes and all sorts of weirdness has been affecting Battlefield 4 since the game launched (see Tim’s review) and DICE are now pushing out some of the updates which should hopefully resolve the annoying issues.

Today a new patch update has left the DICE building which addresses the following Battlefield 4 server and game issues.

R7 Server Update Rolled Out
We just rolled out a new server update for Battlefield 4 that should fix some of the most common server crashes across all platforms. Let us know if this patch improves server stability for you. Patch notes below:

  • Fixed two of the most common server crashes (All platforms)
  • The “admin.say” command should now work properly (PC)
  • The “vars.preset” command should now work better in conjunction with other vars settings (PC) (It is now easier for server admins to set a server preset)
  • Fixed a bug in the queue system regarding GUID (PC)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (PC)

No details on what these “minor” bugs are but if the servers manage to stabalise and stop the crashes then it’s a step in the right direction to getting the game fixed.

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