September 5th, 2017

Battlefield 4: Premium Edition to offer all the battlefield you need


EA has announced Battlefield 4: Premium Edition, which I’m guessing is the new way of saying “Game of the Year Edition”. Although maybe someone has to give you a game of the year award before you can do that, and there is no way in hell Battlefield 4 deserved one of those when it launched.

If you’ve yet to pick up Battlefield 4 and figure it’s now in a state where you can enjoy it, then this might be for you. It offers Battlefield 4, all five expansions (Second Assault, China Rising, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and the forthcoming Final Stand), “exclusive personalisation options”, 12 Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepacks, and priority position in server queues. A lot of this basically comes from the fact that it’s Battlefield 4 plus a Premium Membership, although at this point, that Premium Membership isn’t going to net you early access to expansions or anything like that.

Battlefield 4: Premium Edition is due to hit Origin on 21 October, and will be priced at £39.99.

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  • Comments:
    • USMC03Vet

      My suggestion is to pass. DICE is one of the worst game developers out there that routinely ignore issues with their games never fixing them while also mocking the same consumers publicly when they ask for working products.

      I could write a book about the shenanigans those fools pull over there and it would be titled “Incompetent Game Developers: What Not To Do”.

      Case in point. There has been a display bug which makes certain optics on weapon not display correctly. It’s a bug that’s been in the game since day 1. The bug is easily reproduced and occurs when you do something specific in-game and they’ve refused to even address it. After the latest patch which took months to release I brought up the issue a long with several people on their forum. The response? A DICE employee told me to go pay more money so I could play a test version of the game where it’s supposedly fixed. Are you shitting me….

      As a long time Battlefield player that’s been buying and playing the games for over a decade I’m done with that game developer and franchise.