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DICE takes to the high seas in search of a cure to their server problems.

You kind of wonder how many statements about being definitely very serious and committed and how this is a top priority DICE will make before they begin to lose meaning. Yes, it’s another statement about Battlefield 4 and the ongoing server problems.

While it’s nice that they’re not just ignoring the issue, there comes a point where statement after statement about an issue which isn’t fixed more than six months after release start to ring a little hollow. Anyway, maybe that’s just me.

This time, DICE says it is “unhappy with our server performance” and in order to get happier about it will be making some hardware upgrades “as soon as possible.” So this message isn’t about hardware upgrades having been made, or giving a date for when those might happen, just that this is the general plan for some point in the future.

Reassuring stuff. If all goes well, the “rubber-banding” issues players of Battlefield 4 are suffering across all platforms (but definitely on PC) should be eased. Maybe. Probably. I mean, there have been a lot of promises made to that end.

Battlefield 4 on PC has a Metacritic average rating of 81. We gave it 5/10.

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