September 5th, 2017

Battlefield Hardline gets a Hotwire mode trailer

Battlefield Hardline gets a Hotwire mode trailer
Battlefield Hardline - 04
Ugh. People just don’t seem to take road safety seriously anymore.

EA have released a gameplay trailer for Battlefield Hardline‘s vehicle-focused multiplayer mode, Hotwire.

Battlefield Hardline shifts the traditional multiplayer gameplay away from modern-day soldiers, instead focusing on cops and robbers. Hotwire has both teams trying to get their hands on marked cars, and as such is pretty focused on high-speed vehicle chases, and people shooting while leaning out of windows.

Thinking about it, Battlefield has now done “soldiers” and “cops and robbers”. If future Battlefield games are also themed after “stuff children play in a playground”, I suppose we can look forward to Battlefield: Cowboys and Indians being announced in 2016.

You can have a look at the trailer below. Battlefield Hardline is due out in early 2015.

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