August 23rd, 2017

Battlefield: Hardline puts up a list of every map and mode

Battlefield: Hardline puts up a list of every map and mode

There’s still no date for the start of the Battlefield: Hardline open beta, but Visceral (or EA) has put up two pages detailing every map and mode in the game.

Your nine maps are as follows:

  • Downtown (LA’s city center, shut to the public by police)
  • Bank Job (a high security bank, plus vault)
  • The Block (a liquor store and bail bonds office, and home to a criminal ring)
  • Dust Bowl (a small desert town named Joad, which has been involved in meth trafficking)
  • Hollywood Heights (Bojack Horseman’s house)
  • Growhouse (an illegal weed-growing operation, regretting not setting up in Washington State)
  • Derailed (industrial warehouses on the outskirts of LA)
  • Riptide (a high-tech island home, surrounded by smaller islands)
  • Everglades (a Florida-based fracking site)

The modes, meanwhile, are these seven variations:

  • Conquest (the Battlefield staple, returning for Battlefield: Hardline capture and hold bases)
  • Team Deathmatch (obviously)
  • Heist (the criminal team is aiming to break into a location and abscond with two bags of cash, the cops must stop them)
  • Blood Money (both teams are trying to grab cash from each other’s vaults, while also securing what they already have)
  • Hotwire (the criminals want to steal a list of marked cars, cops are trying to repossess them)
  • Rescue (a “cop-centric” mode where you play as SWAT members attempting to rescue a hostage; there are “no second chances” in this mode – so no respawning)
  • Crosshair (no respawning in this mode either, which sees a former criminal attempting to flee his former crew – while the cops attempt to protect their new witness)

There are also quite a few new video snippets, showing the various Battlefield: Hardline maps and modes in a number of combinations.

Battlefield: Hardline is due in March. Here are some map images.

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