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Battlefield: Hardline
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Battlefield: Hardline releasing 21 October – Watch the new trailer

Battlefield: Hardline

After some trailer leakage earlier this evening EA decided the game was up and revealed the release date for Battlefield: Hardline. The date that appears in the trailer for the new cops inspired shooter is 21 October so mark those diaries now.

It looks like EA and Activision will be fighting for sales around the same time of year again as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is releasing a couple of weeks later on 4 November. This new Battlefield looks slightly more interesting than the next COD offering, at least it’s taking the franchise into a slightly new area.

The trailer was supposed to be some sort of E3 reveal which has gone wrong so this is a nice bonus. There will hopefully be more information on the game revealed on 9 June during EA’s E3 press conference and we’ll be keeping a close eye on all the E3 action next week.

Now watch the trailer called “Into the Jungle”.

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