Battlefield Heroes Has Over 1.5 Million Players

Free-to-play online shooter Battlefield Heroes has over 1.5 million players according to EA.Electronic Arts confirmed the news while speaking to IGN and said players were spending an average of $20 USD each on customisable clothing and weapons, .The commando is the most popular class in the game with 40 per cent of the community choosing the stealth unit, while the support gunner is the least favoured with only 23 per cent of the player share.Faction selection was almost neck and neck, with the German inspired Nationals narrowly edging ahead with 50.4 per cent of the population while the British Royals came in with a respectable 49.6 per cent.So even with no income through game sales EA is still looking at an impressive $30 million USD through the sales of items if everyone does indeed spend $20.Even with free memorial costumes for Michael Jackson’s passing it seems like gamers are willing to spend on a free game.Let us know your experiences with Battlefield Heroes on the forums. 

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