Battlefield V Open Beta

A recent post on the official Battlefield website detailed some interesting information about the upcoming shooter’s closed alpha tests. Developer DICE shared information regarding the game’s performance during the alpha, as well as provided analysis based off of player feedback. It’s a neat — and admittedly rare — look behind the curtain of a major game’s development. But most importantly, the post revealed that a Battlefield V open beta is coming this September.

According to DICE’s Alexander Hassoon, the studio is bringing a new build to Gamescom in August. Following that, the game will enter an open beta period “in early September.”

Also of note are these heat maps compiled from player data during the closed alpha. The first image show where the majority of the action took place during place during Breakthrough matches. Red spots indicate hot zones where most players gathered and fought while lighter greens represent lesser-populated spots on the Arctic Fjord map.


The second heat map draws from data gleaned during Airborne matches.  It highlights the path parachuting players took, as well as their progress after hitting the ground. Hassoon notes that data will be used to adjust flight paths in upcoming builds.


With Battlefield V‘s open beta right around the corner and its October 19 release date inching closer, it’s fascinating to see how DICE take player information and iterate upon the findings. The blog post has tons of other details, too, all of which point to a polished, engaging multiplayer shooter.



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