PUBG and Fortnite are going to have some competition soon, as Battlefield V is officially confirmed to have a Battle Royale mode. During the EA E3 (that’s fun to write) conference, they slowly built up to that news. Starting with simples tuff such as being able to dive and smash through windows, the ability to move weapons around the environment, and then they showed tanks smashing inside buildings. I thought semi-destructible environments would be a tough thing to top but then they dropped the news that Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale mode! This will be an incredible site to see. PUBG and Fortnite are good, but they don’t have an AAA budget behind them. Seeing a Battle Royale mode by one of the biggest publishers in gaming is going to be super cool.

And, another bit of good news: there will be no loot boxes or season passes! That might be as big as the mode itself. Battlefield V launches in October. Who else is excited? Or are you already tired of Battle Royale modes? Let us know! We will update this post once the trailer goes live.

E3 2018 Conference Times and where to watch them – Watch Live here!

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