BigPoint seems quite pleased that Battlestar Galactica Online has reached almost ten million players on its one year launch anniversary. However, I realise the deadly implications of this. How many of those ten million players are Cylon agents, huh? Not such great news now, is it …
Ponder on that fact as you indulge in the title’s anniversary celebrations.
From 30 April (so … today) until 6 May, BigPoint will be giving out free items and bonuses to all Human and Cylon pilots who log in to the game. The ‘Daily Merit Cap’ will be increased, and there’ll be special money-off events for some of the items you have to buy with real cash.
“We are thrilled with the tremendous growth of BSGO and how the game has performed over the past year,” says BigPoint CEO Heiko Hubertz. “We’re excited to move forward with this momentum, celebrate our achievements, and reward all of our players in the community who helped us get to this point”.
Here’s how Battlestar Galactica Online looked when it was introduced at E3 in 2010.

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