Battlestations: Pacific Demo Out 30 April

Eidos announced today that a demo for the upcoming ‘Battlestations: Pacific’ will be released on 30 April via Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace.

The demo gives players a taste of the action with a single mission from the US campaign, Divine Winds of Leyte, which centers on the Kamikaze attack on a US carrier fleet. Two multiplayer modes are also included which are both available to play offline in the new ‘Skirmish’ game mode. This new mode allows a single player to try any of the multiplayer maps against an AI enemy.

In the full version of Battlestations: Pacific, players get to take part in WW2 from an historically-correct US standpoint or a historically-possible Japanese one, giving them a chance to alter the course of events. A total of 28 missions are available, five new multiplayer modes that can be played with up to eight players and over 100 air, sea and undersea units.

Battlestations: Pacific is due to be released on 15 May in Europe and Australia, and 12 May in the US on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.