BattleTech developer confirms two more games are in the works

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With its stunning 3D visuals, it’s hard not to admit that BattleTech looks really good. This 2018 release from Harebrained Schemes brought MechWarrior fans a turn-based spin on mech action. Since release, the developer continued to deliver content in the form of post-launch DLC. In a personal developer video just this week, the studio confirmed that they have two more games in development. While we have no strict details about Harebrained’s upcoming projects, we do have one final free update for BattleTech.

BattleTech developer releases update 1.9 in February

Since its release, the studio has delivered eight free updates, with the ninth on its way this month. Alongside all of the bug fixes, we’ve also seen a total of three DLC packs, each of which has brought a slew of new content to the game. Overall, the game has had a fairly successful run since its initial Kickstarter campaign, where some 55,000 backers helped bring the game to life. Moreover, the studio joined up with publisher Paradox Interactive, a group known for their strategy titles.

According to ParadoxPlaza forums, update 1.9 will bring a variety of changes to the game, including a difficulty option for the campaign. In the career mode, there will be an option that will cut the price of ARGO upgrades in half. The update will also bring 16 new mech variants and 8 new vehicle variants. The discussion board also lists updates and fixes to the game’s convoy AI. Finally, players can expect a “time advance” feature for the campaign/career mode. This should reduce the wait time between days passing in the game.

On their Kickstarter page, Harebrained shared some fun stats as they pertain to the player base. It seems that in total, players have contributed over 3 million gameplay hours per month. The most used mechs are the Shadow Hawk, Vindicator, and Centurion. Players also have killed over 9 and half million enemies per month. That, my friends, is a lot of explosions.

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