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Battletoads gets an official August release date and new trailer

The boys and bikes are back!

Microsoft took to the stage at its E3 2019 showcase to announce its new studio acquisitions and future titles in the works. Of course, most of that was overshadowed by Keanu Reeves appearing on stage while the majority of the crowd simply reveled in his IRL appearance. One of the other standouts from the show, aside from breathtaking Reeves appearance, was the announcement of a new Battletoads game in the works. Developer Dlala Studios and Rare showed off some brief gameplay, however, with no Battletoads release date in tow. Today, it was announced that the game will arrive for PC on August 20.

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Many diehard Battletoads fans will notice that Dlala Studios has taken a slightly different approach when it comes to the art style of Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. The imagery is much more whimsical and cartoonish in nature. However, many of the elements of previous titles – like the vicious bike levels – have still found their way into the game. Other features, like three-player co-op, were also announced in the new trailer.


Playable villains?

The Dark Queen has proven to be a worthwhile adversary in prior Battletoads games. The Queen’s look in the most recent game seems a lot more toned down from previous looks, again, playing into the new cartoon style. One key image from the trailer also points to her being playable in some form.

Battletoads Queen release date trailer


Battletoads will have a release date on August 20 for PC. There will be a few places where you can start or continue your beat ’em up, toad-acious journey. For starters, the game will be available on Microsoft’s Windows Store along with a release on Steam. Although the trailer indicates a Game Pass release, it is unclear as to whether this is exclusive to console or will include Game Pass for PC players.

Another thing to note is that the game is locked behind an age gate, something usually implemented for titles rated mature.

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