Don’t take this as official confirmation or anything, but a small update to the PC version of Bayonetta includes an image from Vanquish. If you own Bayonetta, you can see it for yourself by looking in the ‘Extras’ folder for the game.

The Vanquish picture is one to use as a Steam profile image so, again, not exactly outright confirmation of anything. However, the arrival of the Bayonetta port was first signaled by a secret url hidden in the achievements for the 8-bit April Fool’s version of the game. In other words, SEGA seem to quite like teasing things through little Steam additions.

Platinum’s Vanquish has been much-requested on PC, of course. It originally came to 360/PS3 and would benefit immensely from a proper frame-rate.

After the release of Bayonetta, SEGA made it very clear that more PC versions would be on the way. Here’s the little image that has fueled this latest round of port speculation.

Hello there.

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