Impire, the newly announced PC strategy title from Cyanide (to be published by Paradox), is looking an awful lot like Dungeon Keeper. Before anyone gets too excited, remember that we’ve been here before with the game Dungeons (which also looked like that Bullfrog classic, but turned out to be not much like it at all) and that Cyanide have something of a mixed development record.

Still, if we’re being positive then features like “User-designed dungeons filled with different room types and an assortment of deathtraps” and “Minions of every shape and size to be leveled up and equipped with upgraded equipment” do sound promising. Especially when twinned with a top-down-ish perspective and the prospect of fending of encroaching heroes with traps and the like.

A single player and co-op campaign is on the way, along with (as yet) undefined multiplayer modes. In single player, you’ll be trying to help get the demonic Báal-Abaddon out of an imp’s body (where he is imprisoned) and back to smiting his enemies in the Majesty universe where this title is based.

Watch an early trailer, below. Impire is aiming for an early 2013 release.

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