bear simulator

He walks like a bit of a zombear at the moment, but this just alpha stuff.

We’ve already had train, European lorry and forklift attendant simulator titles, but the “large machine” branch of this genre has to run out sooner or later. That’s why studios are now turning to animals instead. Coffee Stain are working on Goat Simulator, and now Farjay Studios’ Bear Simulator has reached its Kickstarter funding goal.

Of course it has, it’s going to let you be a bear. The pitch for Bear Simulator is “like a mini Skyrim, but you’re a bear.” Sold, man. I am sold on that idea.

It’s all in first-person, so unlike Goat Simulator which has opted for third-person, Bear Simulator will give you, at last, a bear’s eye view of the world. Hunt for fish, explore the woods and, er, examine mysterious doors (look, I don’t know, it’s in the trailer.) The game only has alpha footage at the moment, which is why the bear is walking around like a biped rather than on all fours. Apparently the finished title will fix this, but my question is this: does it really need to? I suppose the answer is yes, if it wants to be much of a “simulator.”

In fact, Farjay Studios say that the movement is “a number one priority and will be worked on until it’s perfect. You’ll be mostly crawling around in the fully featured game, standing to examine things and waddle about.” Okay, yes, fair enough, waddling about does sound great too.

You can also expect a “large, multi-environment world” and a “catastrophic” amount of secrets. Also, an “extremely important feature”: mountain goats. Do I smell goat-bear crossover DLC with my heightened sense of bear smell? Perhaps.

The game is already funded (at the time of writing it’s around $10,000 USD beyond the asking amount,) but if you fancy throwing even more money at it I’m sure the chap behind Farjay Studios wouldn’t say no. You may even get some multiplayer Bear Simulator action.

Here’s some glorious alpha footage.

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