Become Need For Speed’s Most Wanted in October

A few more details have been revealed about Criterion’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted at EA’s E3 presentation. The title is confirmed to be an open-world racer, in which you and your friends compete to be the ‘most wanted’. To do so, you must “race, chase and explore” in order to gather up ‘speed points’ and place on the leaderboards.

Much like Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted will feature an expanded Autolog system, “integrating friends more deeply than ever before”. Things like who has the fastest car, who’s jumped the furthest and who’s performing best in multiplayer will all be tracked and logged, and each of these activities will link to, and boost, your ‘most wanted’ status.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (through Origin) on 30 October.

Here’s some gameplay footage:

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