Before We Leave Steam Launch

Before We Leave recently announced a partnership with publisher Team17 to finally bring the non-violent city builder to Steam. And launch day has finally arrived. As such, the developers and publisher are celebrating the Steam launch of Before We Leave with brand-new content and a week-long sale.

In a post-apocalyptic world that features no zombies, demons, or plague-spawn of any kind, Before We Leave players are charged with exploring the planet and reestablishing civilization. The next step is taking their civilization to new planets across the stars.


Recolonizing a planet is tiring

The new content included with the Before We Leave Steam launch includes scenarios and weather that affect the fatigue levels and movement speed of your Peeps (the people you manage). These scenarios and weather conditions will also impact crop growth.

The latest version of the game also includes plenty of in-game performance updates. Plus, if you purchase Before We Leave on Steam, you will get all of the DLC content that was released on the Epic Games Store over the last year.

The Kraken Comes added submarines, trading ships, underground shelters, and of course, the Kraken guardian. There were a bunch of UI, UX, and overlay updates with the Over & Under DLC. The same update also added a collection of new languages to Before We Leave. The Paving the Way DLC added new roads, new resources, a new warehouse, and some new effects. Finally, the Biomes & Beasties update added three new island biomes, animals, and secrets to discover. Those are just the major features of each DLC. There were plenty of other minor updates and additions too.

Before We Leave is available on Steam for 25% off its usual $19.99 USD price for the week after launch. You have until May 21 to get the discount. You can also still pick up Before We Leave through the Epic Games Store if that is your preferred platform.

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