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Infinite Crisis
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Behind the buzzwords: Latest Infinite Crisis video uses all the jargon

Infinite Crisis

After watching a certain amount of these developer monologue “behind the scenes” type videos, you begin to realise how devoid of actual information the majority of them are. This Infinite Crisis trailer is pretending to give you a backstage look at the work that’s being done on the game, but in reality it’s a couple of gameplay clips, a shot of somebody doing some 3D model and a parade of talking heads using horrible buzzwords.

If you’re sick of the words “epic,” “visceral” and “immersive” being applied to every videogame in the world (and you should be, because fucking hell) then I recommend not bothering to watch.

Here’s what the video did teach me, though: heroes and villains can’t share a team in this DC-themed MOBA (so no Batman and Joker team-ups,) and environmental destruction is present. There’s a very strong chance that the game itself will be more enjoyable than this underwhelming video, so if you fancy signing up for the beta you can do so here.