June 22nd, 2017

Benchmark your computer with a giant city-destroying Catzilla


There are lots of PC benchmarking tools out there, sure. They give you your framerate and test all sorts of different aspects of your PC’s visual-creating strength, definitely. But how many of them feature giant cats – Catzilla, if you will – blowing up cities?

Well, now there’s one. ALLBenchmark’s Catzilla does exactly that, testing your computer to its limits by simulating a giant furry abomination blasting a city to hell with flaming laser eyes. There’s… really not much else to say. If that hasn’t already enticed you to go and try it out, I don’t think I’ll ever convince you.

It’s worth noting, though, that it’s sort of free. The basic benchmarking is totally free, and you can unlock a 720p benchmark and the ability to compare your score to others simply by registering, which is also free. Everything after that, though – 1080p (and higher) benchmarking, recommendations for how to improve performance, custom tests – costs money.

Still, you can watch giant death cats blowing up a city for free. That’s got to be worth the (lack of) admission price, surely?