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Top 5 best accessories for your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

So you finally scored that coveted Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED model – congratulations! Now it’s time to upgrade your setup with must-have accessories to maximize both performance and fun. We’ve rigorously researched controllers, cases, headsets, and more to determine the definitive list of Switch add-ons that provide the best extra value and utility.

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Nitro Deck

Nitro Deck
Image: Amazon

Start off by revolutionizing handheld play with the Nitro Deck grip. This ingenious case adds ergonomic handles, premium Hall effect thumbsticks, and mappable back paddles to massively improve gaming on the go. The sturdy clamshell design packs the docked Switch tablet securely while leaving all ports accessible.

It’s the ultimate attachment for handheld enthusiasts who crave controller-like precision from Joy-Cons. At just $59.99, it won’t break the bank either. The grips make marathon sessions far more comfortable, and the responsive sticks and triggers provide accuracy not found even in Joy-Con alternatives.

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Hori Wired LAN adapter

Hori Wired Lan Adapter
Image Source: Amazon

Tired of spotty Wi-Fi ruining your Splatoon 3 matches? The Hori Wired LAN adapter delivers rock-solid internet by connecting your docked Switch directly to your router via ethernet. It neatly plugs into the USB port on the dock and feeds out the back, providing the lag-free online experience needed for competitive play. By bypassing Wi-Fi instability, it enables the lowest latency speeds for popular titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros Ultimate that demand quick reflexes and split-second reaction times.

And at only $29.99, any serious online warrior should have this accessory ready for battle. No more losing ranked matches to random connection issues!

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SanDisk microSDXC

Sandisk Microsdxc
Image Source: Amazon

While the Switch comes with some internal storage, you’ll need to invest in a sizable microSD card if you’re planning on building a big digital game collection. The SanDisk microSDXC cards for Nintendo Switch range from 64 GB to 512 GB to massively expand space for eShop downloads and DLC packs.

We recommend a 256 GB or 512 GB version to future-proof for several years worth of releases. Specifically designed for gaming consoles with A1 specs enabling fast data speeds, this card ensures quick load times for your favorite titles. And with frequent sales bringing the cost down, it’s an incredibly affordable way to hold your entire library in one place ready for action.

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Waterfield CitySlicker case

Waterfield Cityslicker Case
Image Source: SFbags

For a premium carry case option far classier than standard options, the $89 Waterfield CitySlicker is a cut above. Available in slick color combinations of full-grain leather and waxed canvas, it fits both the Switch and Switch OLED while providing plush protective inserts. Designed to hold your Switch model with Joy-Cons attached, this professional-looking case ensures your system travels in a sophisticated way. Its premium material not only looks great but also provides durable protection for wherever your gaming takes you.  There’s also room for cables, games, accessories, and even your wallet for the ultimate portable package.

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Logitech G435 headset

Logitech G435 Headset
Image Source: Amazon

Enjoy your games anywhere with impressive sound by grabbing the Logitech G435 wireless headphones. They pair easily via Bluetooth for excellent audio on the go with integrated mics for clear chat. The comfortable memory foam earcups, combined with a battery life of 18 hours or more make the G435 a perfect companion for long play sessions. With versatile connectivity across PC, PS5, Nintendo, and more these headsets deliver immersive, balanced sound for all your entertainment needs on various devices. And at $79, these colorful headphones provide great quality without breaking your budget. For users wanting a reliable wireless headset that looks as good as it sounds Logitech G435 is an exceptional choice.

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What accessories should you buy first? 

While specialty accessories can greatly improve particular Switch gameplay aspects, all owners should start by protecting their investment with basics like carry cases and screen protectors. Keeping your console safe from life’s knocks means you can keep on gaming for longer! Ensuring your console’s longevity now means you’ll be all set later to explore all those immersive specialty hardware add-ons when you’re ready to level up your gameplay!

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