August 23rd, 2017

Best Buy’s Diablo 3 release date gives Blizzard a laugh

Yesterday a Best Buy customer spotted a launch date poster for Diablo 3 in a US Best Buy story which included a countdown timer to the 1 Februarary.
Initially the advert appeared to be fake due to the fact February was spelt Febuary. After some investigation it appears the poster was in fact real. This of course got gamers rather excited and the news spread like wildfire over the Intertubes.
The story originally appeared on Diablo: IncGamers, and within minutes of the story breaking, Blizzard Diablo 3 CM Bashiok was asked about the date directly on Twitter. He simply Tweeted “The word is lol” putting pay to any legitimacy to Best Buy having inside knowledge of a release date for the game.
That hasn’t stopped retailers re-checking their dates though and Gameplay in the UK now have the date down as 3 February and Target in the US as 7 February. 
We know gamers are keen to find out the final date but any dates you read are pure speculation unless it comes from Blizzard directly.