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15 best Call of Duty merchandise and gifts in 2024

An unsettling amount of Ghost Soap romance fanfic.

Call of Duty merchandise and gifts come in every form, from erasers to themed baby clothing. However, I have kindly shifted through the piles of often bizarre Call of Duty-themed merch out there to present you with nothing but the best gift ideas for Call of Duty fans in 2024.

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Call of Duty Gifts 2024

This list has something for everyone and all occasions, as long as they’re a CoD fan. But if you’re looking for some Destiny 2 gift ideas, we got you covered.

Cymbal Monkey Bomb

As an icon of Call of Duty Zombies, this gift is perfect for any fan of the game. The weird, red-eyed agent of chaos is a perfect buddy for any desk or shelf. This very nicely modeled statue is designed to hold your phone or tablet while you work, or to hold your controller when you’re not playing, hopefully preventing it from blowing you to pieces.

Cymbal Monkey Call Of Duty Gift
Image: Amazon

Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley dog tags merchandise

What better way to remember the fallen on the battlefields of Call of Duty than this piece of memorable merchandise? We all felt it when Shepherd dropped Ghost in the ultimate betrayal. However, with these lovingly made dog tags, any fan of CoD in 2024 can wear their memorial around their neck.

Jugger-Nog machine

What better way to always have a little pick-me-up to hand than to have the Jugger Nog machine right there with you? This 12-inch tall light-up storage is perfect for keeping your change or a few notes inside. The iconic machine from the Call of Duty games won’t take up too much room, but it is an instantly recognizable classic for any fans of the franchise.

Juggernog Call Of Duty Gift
Image: Etsy

Call of Duty: The Boardgame

If you can’t get enough of Call of Duty, you may want to think about buying the board game merchandise, too. This is a two-player tabletop game in which you must build your deck or loadout and outmaneuver your opponent. Once you have chosen from one of your favorite characters from Call of Duty, the turn-based combat will have you stalking up to three opponents, picking your moves carefully, and trying to come out victorious.

Call of Duty Ray Gun gift

Even people who haven’t played Call of Duty before will recognize this piece of 2024 merch. The iconic Ray Gun from so many generations of Call of Duty Zombies has been lovingly crafted as a gift.

The gun itself fits perfectly in hand as a 1:1 replica of the original with light-up LEDs. The craftsmanship is impeccable and results in a high-quality feeling Ray Gun. Spend a little more for the zombie’s hands stand, to boot.

Ray Gun Call Of Duty Merchandise
Image: Etsy

Call of Duty Mw2 Hoodie

It is loud, proud, and unmistakably Call of Duty. This hoodie doesn’t mess around with its visuals and is a great gift for any MW3 fan. The logo is absolutely massive, and it features everyone’s favorite character, Ghost. The bright colors are suitable for both men and women, meaning it’s perfect for whoever you’re going to buy it for.

Call of Duty: Warzone pins

There are a few phrases that run through Call of Duty fan’s heads almost constantly. Gas Incoming, Get to The Zone is certainly one of them. With these two subtle but very nicely made pins, Both Verdansk and the dreaded gas can be worn on clothing, bags, or other materials. They’re a nice nod to other fans of the Call of Duty franchise without being too showy. If you know, you know, ya know?

Call of Duty Mousemat

What better gift to get a Call of Duty fan than a mousepad to improve headshot accuracy and wrist comfort? The pad is made of only the highest-grade mouse pad materials and is sure to add a whole load of style and decorum to any desk it sits on. I used to play without a mousepad for a long time, and boy, the difference is remarkable. I can say goodbye to wrist pain now, at least.

Mousepad Call Of Duty Gift
Image: COD

Winners mug

Good-natured trash-talk is part of the CoD experience, which is why this mug is perfect for anyone who falls into the overlap on the Venn diagram of coffee drinkers and CoD fanatics. If you like to stream your games or play multiplayer, then this mug is the one for you. Imagine dropping an entire squad and, on stream, reaching over to take a sip from your mug labeled “Tears of People I Beat in Call of Duty.” That’s exactly the kind of nasty play I love to see.

Ghost Mask and Balaclava

If you’re a fan of airsoft, live somewhere cold and want to strike fear into your neighborhood, or just have a bank robbery on your to-do list, take a look at this Ghost outfit. There is no doubt that Ghost is one of the cooler-looking characters from the COD franchise, breaking free of the fan base and becoming a household meme. Get yourself or your loved one this sick, if not slightly intimidating, face mask and balaclava for whatever mischief they need to do.

Ghost Outfit Call Of Duty
Image: Etsy

Gold power-up keychains

These lovingly crafted keychains are the perfect accessory for CoD players. Each one represents a different power-up found in the CoD Zombies game, with some classics to choose from. The Nuke is a personal favorite, and it looks oh-so-good in gold, too. These are the perfect gifts to hang from a wallet, set of keys, or zipper.

Call of Duty thumbstick

Improve your Call of Duty game with a pair of theme thumbstick grips. If your PS5 is experiencing a bit of wear and tear on the thumb pads, replacing them is honestly essential. The amount of control you lose when they wear down is phenomenal, so get these cool Call of Duty-themed ones and get back to high accuracy head-popping.

Controller holder

Controller Case Gift
Image: Etsy

This is a very cool way for any fan of Call of Duty to store the controller safely and stylishly. The box is designed to look like one of the in-game shops from Warzone and one up to safely hold your controller. The box comes complete with fake grenades, a custom nameplate, and some rather nice protective gun padding to hold your beloved controller.

Ghost figurine

Everyone’s sweetheart, Ghost, is ready to be painted and displayed. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who enjoys the careful art of model painting, this well-crafted statue is the ideal bit of merchandise. The 25cm Ghost statue is ready to be customized and decorated however they see fit. After seeing some of the Soap Ghost fan fiction, I dread to see what get-ups people have him in.

PS5 Call of Duty Zombies plates

If you’re rocking a PlayStation 5 Slim, then these custom plates are the ideal gift. They have been 3d printed to fit on the PS5 Slim editions. The orange and black blood-spattered and branded plates make the minimal-looking PS5 into a war-torn zombie remnant.

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