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Around the midway point in Fire Emblem Engage you enter Solm, one of the four nations in the game. The first person you meet in the Solm deserts is the prince, Fogado. Armed with a bow in hand, riding upon a horse, Fogado is one of the best archers in Fire Emblem Engage. So for you to learn how to utilize him in battle, here’s Fogado’s best class and gifts in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class for Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage

The best class for Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage is the Cupido class. Cupido keeps Fogado as a deadly archer, while also granting the capabilities for swordsmanship. It’s a versatile class that can cater to two different needs for your arsenal.

Cupido is Fogado’s unique class in Fire Emblem Engage. It comes with the unique skill ‘Back at You.’ This skill allows the unit to deal extra damage equivalent to half of the damage taken while countering.

Talking To Fogado Fire Emblem Engage

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The handiness this class has cannot be overstated. Being able to switch between bows and swords on the fly is something incredibly useful in Fire Emblem Engage. One of the biggest worries in Fire Emblem is team composition, and having a unit be able to use two types of weapons to make up the difference if needed can be a lifesaver.

However, if you have archers and sword users covered, you could also opt for changing Fogado’s class to Warrior. This class suits him well due to his stat spread and growth rates. This class allows him to use axes as well as bows. Giving him one of the Axe Power abilities will give him a big buff, too. Fogado’s speed growth rate is incredibly high at 55, meaning the -10 Avo you receive from Axe Power is essentially null and void.

Best skills

The best skill you can give Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage as a Cupido is ‘Alacrity.’ Being able to attack twice before an opponent can reply with their own attack.

Another fantastic skill you can give Fogado is tied to Claude’s S Bond Ring. The skill is called ‘Wind God,’ and it allows the user to attack one space further away with bows as long as they’re at full health. What this skill lets you do is swap from the Longbow and instead equip a bow with higher damage output while also being able to use it further away.

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Fogado Fire Emblem Engage Gifts

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Best gifts for Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage

To conclude this best class and gifts for Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage guide, let’s discuss gifts. The best gifts for Fogago are things that complement his lifestyle. These can include things such as Large Plate, Playing Cards, Landscape Art, and Lovely Candle. Other gifts Fogado enjoys are Antler Earrings, Desert Marigold, Horn, Flower Wreath, and Dried Meat. He also enjoys the standard gifts that improve support for everybody, those being the Spirit Gem and Pretty Pebble.

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Fire Emblem Engage is available to purchase from the Nintendo Store.

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