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In chapter nine of Fire Emblem Engage, you encounter a challenge against the Elusian forces. You’re also treated to a new face for your party of units, if you speak to her that is. Jade joins the party in this chapter when either you speak to her, or automatically after the battle — if she survives. She is the second heavy armor unit in the game. If you’re struggling with how to build her up, here are the best class and gifts for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

The best class for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage is the General class. It increases her defense and boosts her stats to the optimal level for a defensive tank. 

Jade starts out with the Axe Armor class in Fire Emblem Engage. And with her being a heavy-armor unit, it makes logical sense to increase the stats that class is given at the start with the upgrade to General. She also gets the unique class skill Swap, which allows her to exchange places with an adjacent ally. This skill is useful because it means she can take the hit for any unit that you don’t want damaged. 

Jade Reclass Fire Emblem Engage

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Best skills

The best skills for Jade are ones that increase her already stellar defensive work. One of the skills you can give her is Emblem Leif’s ‘Vantage.’ Said skill allows the unit to attack before the opposing unit if the foe initiates attack, so long as you have below a certain amount of HP. The reason this is good is because if she’s taking hits, odds are she’ll be below the threshold for health often and can make use of the skill regularly. 

Another good skill to have is the ‘Resolve’ skill from Emblem Ike. This skill has the same threshold activation that Vantage has, but instead boosts Def/Res while your HP stays below that amount. These two are probably good to use in tandem with each other. 

Other skills that are useful for Jade’s best class in Fire Emblem Engage are the ‘Axe Power’ skills. These lower Jade’s already low Avo for a boost in Atk, a worthy trade considering she isn’t dodging much anyway. There’s also Emblem Roy’s ‘Hold Out’ ability, which lets you stay alive with 1 HP if you are above a certain amount of HP.

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Jade Gifts Fire Emblem Engage

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Best gifts for Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

Jade enjoys gifts that compliment her personality and interests. These gifts can include Fairy-Tale Book, Sun Visor, Bear Carving, Elyos History, Poetry Book, and Butterfly Knife. She also enjoys Animal Treats, Fine Quill Pen, and Field Guide. She also benefits from the standard support-raising gifts, such as the Spirit Gem and Pretty Pebble gifts. 

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