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Best Cleric build in Dark and Darker: Best spells, perks, and skills

Not very godly of you.

Putting together the perfect Cleric build takes a little more work than most in Dark and Darker due to the variety of spells and skills available. However, this is the build I choose to run with when exploring the dank, nasty corridors of the game.

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Best Cleric Build

Clerics have the nice advantage of being able to buff and heal themselves in the field. With a few opportune rests and resupplies, it’s possible to keep hammering out damage and healing for a long time. This build is primarily designed with solo play in mind, but it can work with a squad too.

Best Perks and Skills for the Cleric in Dark and Darker

Tanky and self-sufficient is the name of the game with this battle cleric build. I like being able to take care of myself and deal some serious pain without having to rely on the heavier classes. My cleric build for Dark, and Darker has these Perks and Skills.

  • Advanced Healer – Paired with Lesser Heal, you can now restore 20 health at a time.
  • Holy Aura – This boosts armor and magic resistance for yourself and nearby allies.
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery – It just makes sense to pack a heavier punch with that Cleric mace.
  • Perseverance – This helps with the tanky aspect, reducing all incoming damage by three. In my opinion, this should be a priority to equip.
  • Spell Memory – You don’t have this; you don’t have spells. That wouldn’t be much of a cleric build, would it?
  • Judgment – Allows for focusing, providing even more damage to targets. It pairs very well with things like Holy Strike.

Cleric Spells

Of course, to have spells equipped, you will first need to have at least one spell memory equipped. Once you have this, head into the spell menu to equip them. These are the spells I like to run with my Dark and Darker Cleric Build for both self-sufficiency and some high damage.

Cleric Build For Dark And Darker
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Lesser Heal – This is a Must-Have. Paired with an Advanced Healer, this will provide 20 health at a time. Because it provides less healing, it will replenish quickly after resting, too. This removes a lot of the need to search for bandages and other healing items in Dark and Darker with this cleric build.
  • Divine Strike – Getting that damage boost for 20 seconds can make all the difference.
  • Bless – This pairs well with Divine Strike to grant even more potential for damage. For the next 20 seconds, you’ll become an agent of destruction.
  • Protection – I like this one if I am about to wade into a fight with someone big. It is also perfect for fighting rangers as it will absorb one shot and give you time to close the gap before they notch another.
  • Holy Strike – It’s good to have at least one area of effect spell under your belt for when things get a bit hairy.

This Dark and Darker Cleric build is focused on self-sufficiency and the ability to take a few shots. Many of the spells also work while playing with allies, but I have notably not included resurrection. If you’re heading in with allies, maybe think of equipping this one. However, for the solo cleric build in Dark and Darker 2, I feel this is definitely the way you’re going to start consistently extracting.

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