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Best controller settings for The First Descendant

No thanks aim assist.

If you prefer to use a controller with your third-person games, then support is essential. Here are the best settings for your controller when playing The First Descendant.

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Does The First Descendant have controller support?

Yes, The First Descendant does have controller support. However, it is still pretty nasty and will take some tweaking to feel comfortable. To play with a controller on a PC, simply plug in or connect your chosen handheld device in whichever way you usually would.

Personally, I use a third-party controller rather than an Xbox or PlayStation one. This means I also have to use XOutput to map and tweak my settings. If you’re using a PlayStation or Xbox controller, you will have native support through Steam, so you don’t need to worry about setting up your controller to play The First Descendant.

If controller support and settings optimization aren’t bothering you, you might want to look into fixing The First Desendant’s lag and stutter.

Best controller settings for The First Descendant on PC and console

Although there is controller support in The First Descendant, I found the default settings to be pretty uncomfortable. The auto-aim on both the PC and Console was too snappy, and the sensitivity was all over the place. I had to change a lot of my settings until I found the ones that worked best for me.

Controller Settings The First Descendant (2)
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  • Button Layout – Keep this how you feel most comfortable. I find the traditional layout just fine.
  • Cursor Speed – I found this to be incredibly slow, so I turned it up to 25.
  • Sensitivities – This is where I found the controller settings really struggled in The First Descendant. I jacked them all right up and suggest you do the same. I tuned both X to 80 and both Y to 60 to find something comparable to what I was used to. Even this felt a bit off.
  • Aim Assist Function – Again, this controller setting in The First Descendant is a bit funky at the moment, so if you’re struggling with it, turn it off. I left it on for now.
  • Use Aim Assist for Hip Fire – I didn’t like this and turned it off. It seems unnecessary.
  • Aim Assist Camera Rotate Level – Turn this right down to close to 20. It is far too aggressive.
  • Aim Assist – Sensitivity Level – Again, turn this one right down to about 20. It snaps to everything too much.
  • Aim Assist – Auto Tracking Level – I turned this down to about half of what it is by default, so around 20. Again, it drags the reticule far too much. This will help you move between targets when using a controller in The First Descendant.

Now that you have the best controller settings you can currently get in The First Descendant, you’ll want the best graphics settings, too. When you give a mouse a cookie, right?

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