Best Crude Oil Base Palworld
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Best Crude Oil Base locations in Palworld

Don't let the US government find out about these spots.

Crude Oil is an advanced resource in Palworld that you’ll need late-game for advanced facilities and tools. Here are the best base locations to get Crude Oil.

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Where to find Crude Oil in Palworld

Interestingly, Crude Oil is only found in the Sakurajima island. On the map below, you’ll be able to find eight dark spots present in the grassy areas.

Palworld Crude Oil Locations
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Most of those darker patches of land are Crude Oil Deposits, with each one having exactly two. This means that no one Crude Oil spot is better than the other. The best base locations will have other factors at play.

Although realistically you can make any of those spots a base and you’ll operate at the same efficiency as all the other spots for the most part, so you have the freedom to choose here.

How to extract Crude Oil in Palworld

Do note that you can only farm Crude Oil from the oil wells themselves, not just anywhere in the dark region.

Crude Oil Spot Palworld
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You’ll need to place a Crude Oil Extractor on the active oil well, which can be unlocked at level 50 for two Technology Points. To build the Crude Oil Extractor, you’ll need:

  • 250 Pal Metal Ingots
  • 50 Circuit Boards

Make sure to always build two in the base, one for each oil well, to maximize efficiency and double production.

With a Crude Oil Extractor built over the oil well, you’ll be slowly collecting Crude Oil. Make sure to have enough Energy Generators around it to keep it powered.

The best Crude Oil base locations in Palworld

There are two locations that I feel are the best for Crude Oil extraction in Palworld. There are a couple of different reasons, but not because they are much more efficient or earning than the other spots.

The best spots are represented by stars on the map below.

Best Crude Oil Spots Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the southeast is the Mushroom Wetland Crude Oil base location. I feel that this spot is very peaceful and beautiful. Having the wall of mushrooms looks awesome, and the space is pretty wide allowing you for a more spaced-out and relaxed base design.

In the northwest is the Cemetary Crude Oil base location. This spot is also relatively peaceful and has two oil wells right next to each other, allowing for a more streamlined and tighter production chain to maximize efficiency.

Again, any spot is good, but I’d place my base in one or both of those locations for Crude Oil farming in Palworld.

Now that you know about the best base locations for farming Crude Oil in Palworld, you’re well on your way to becoming an oil baron. Of course, you shouldn’t confuse Crude Oil in Palworld with Pal Oil.

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