Druid Treant Dark And Darker
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Best Druid build in Dark and Darker Druid: Best spells, perks, and skills

Float like a chicken, sting like a bear.

The Druid is a unique and powerful build in Dark and Darker that uses spells and transformations to best its foes. With such versatility and abilities, it has become an attractive class to many players.

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And for good reason. Although the class is new, the Druid has already established itself as one of the best classes in Dark and Darker.

Best skills for the Druid in Dark and Darker

I’ll get the skills out of the way first because there is only three – and one is a copy of another.

Druid Perks Dark And Darker
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Considering the Druid is a spell caster and a shapeshifter, the only skills the class has are these ones:

  • Spell Memory
  • Shapeshift Memory
  • Shapeshift Memory 2

Each of these skills is exclusively used to allow you to equip and use spells and transformations. Shapeshift Memory 2 allows you to hold double the transformations, but there are currently only five that fit into the first one, making it redundant.

So for the sake of an answer, the best skills for the Druid in Dark and Darker are Spell Memory and Shapeshift Memory. Although this may change with future updates.

Best perks for the Druid in Dark and Darker

Thankfully, the Druid has several perks it can equip. Out of all the ten perks, here are the four I’d recommend you equip in this order as you unlock more slots:

  • Natural Healing – Recover yourself and nearby allies 1 (0.1) health every three seconds.
  • Enhanced Wildness – Whilst in animal form, gain +5 movespeed and 10 armor.
  • Dreamwalk – When you take damage, magical power is increased by five and you become ethereal. You can cast spells but can’t interact with anything and can’t perform actions.
  • Shapeshift Mastery – Transform instantly without casting time.

You can equip these in any order if one befits your playstyle.

These perks will allow you to become a formidable opponent when transformed as well as a competent spell caster to support your allies from afar. Also, turning invulnerable when you take any damage is an incredible asset.

With these perks, your Druid is looking to be very powerful indeed.

Best spells for the Druid in Dark and Darker

The Druid’s spells primarily focus on healing and helping itself and its allies, but it can deal considerable damage. Upon starting as a Druid, you will only have a Cost Limit of 14. As you level up, this can be increased, so I’ll be giving you two best lists for both situations.

Druid Spells Dark Adn Darker
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Here are the best spells for a level 1 Druid (14 Cost Limit):

  • Nature’s Touch
  • Summon Treant
  • Dreamfire
  • Restore
  • Barkskin Armor

Here are the best spells for a more powerful Druid (21 Cost Limit):

  • Mending Grove
  • Summon Treant
  • Dreamfire
  • Restore
  • Entangling Vines

The above spells simply improve the healing capabilities of your Druid, as the Summon Treant and Dreamfire are the only offensive spells it has access to.

Best Shapeshifts for the Druid in Dark and Darker

Currently, there are only five available shapeshifts, so you can have them all. I’d make sure to read each of them carefully before you go dungeon diving.

So, by default, the current best shapeshifts for the Druid are:

  • Human
  • Rat
  • Chicken
  • Panther
  • Bear

Although turning into animals is very fun, you’re still super vulnerable, so be careful.

Now that you know the best build for your Druid in Dark and Darker, you’ll be able to level up, grow stronger, and become a scourge in the dungeons. As long as you know how to the exits, that is.

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