Best time to start Shadow of the Erdtree in Elden Ring
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Best early Shadow of the Erdtree spells and incantations in Elden Ring

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If you have an Intelligence or Faith build in Elden Ring, you’ll probably be looking for the best early spells and incantations in Shadow of the Erdtree. Once you enter the Land of Shadow, there’s a lot to discover, especially for players who cast spells and incantations.

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Elden Ring: Best early spells and incantations in Shadow of the Erdtree

  • Best Early Shadow Of The Erdtree Spells And Incantations In Elden Ring Map
  • Best Early Shadow Of The Erdtree Spells And Incantations In Elden Ring Map 2

Early spells

Glintblade Trio

  • Effect: Creates sigil that forms three projectile glintblades after delay.

You can find the Glintblade Trio spell once you pass through the iron gate in the midpoint of Castle Ensis, just past the chapel. You’ll then want to drop off the side of the cliff and climb up the ladders to the roof of the chapel. Drop on the northern side of the roof to grab the spell that’s on a corpse hanging over a ledge.

Rings of Spectral Light

  • Effect: Creates rings of spectral light that fire in unison.

The Rings of Spectral Light spell is a bit farther, specifically on the Cerulean Coast. You can find it next to a Gravebird statue on a path in Charo’s Hidden Grave.

Early incantations

Heal From Afar

  • Effect: Greatly Heals HP for distant allies this spell reaches.

You can grab the Heal From Afar incantation at the cave path to Rauh Ruins. It’ll be at the base of an underground golden tree, and the entrance to this area is north-northeast of the Moorth Ruins in Scadu Atlus.

Aspect of the Crucible: Thorns

  • Effect: Creates a mass of bristling thorns on the back to scour the area.

Unlike the other incantation, you’ll only be able to get Aspect of the Crucible: Thorns by defeating the Golden Hippopotamus. This creature is the first boss you’ll find at the Shadow Keep.

Golden Arcs

  • Effect: Releases a procession of golden arcs with a swing of the arm.

The Golden Arcs incantation is inside a chest at the very bottom of the Moorth Ruins. You’ll find this chest southeast of the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace.

Ghostflame Breath

  • Effect: Channels dragon to spew Ghostlfame Breath.

You’ll have the chance to purchase the Ghostflame Breath incantation at the Altar of Dragon Communion which is in the Cerulean Coast at the Jagged Peak area. It costs three Dragon Hearts, which you can obtain from defeating Ghostflame Dragons.

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