Best Early Shadow Of The Erdtree Weapons And Armor In Elden Ring
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Best early Shadow of the Erdtree weapons and armor in Elden Ring

Get suited up.

As soon as you step into the Land of Shadows in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, you’ll inevitably be searching for the best early weapons and armor. If you don’t know where to look, we can help you out.

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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: Best early weapons and armor

While you’re already at a decent level once arriving at the Land of Shadows, you may be itching for better armor and weapons. We’ve got a slew of weapon and armor locations for you to check out for the early part of the DLC.

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Early weapons

Beast Claw

You’ll find Logur, the Beast Claw enemy hanging around the forests in the southern part of the Gravesite Plain. Once you defeat them, you can take their Beast Claw weapon.

Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana

This is another weapon you can get from defeating an enemy. This time, you’ll have to defeat the boss of the Dragon’s Pit who resides in the cliffs southeast of Castle Ensis, east of the Scorched Ruins.

Star-Lined Sword

You can get the Star-Lined Sword as a drop from the Demi-Human Queen Marigga. She’s located on the western side of the Cerulean Coast, which you can find by following the chasm path on the cliffside to the northeast of the Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace.

Backhand Blade

This small blade is available for grabs in a small mausoleum just northeast of the Scorched Ruins. No need to kill any monsters to take this weapon.

Smithscript Dagger

Just a little northeast of the Backhand Blade, you can find this Smithscript Dagger inside the Ruined Forge Lava Intake. This area is just south-southeast of Castle Ensis. You’ll find it on a corpse lying near the main path in a room with lava, specifically under a lever.

Firespark Perfume Bottle

Outside of Castle Ensis in the Castle Front encampment is the Firespark Perfume Bottle hiding in a chest. This chest is on the eastern side of the camp. You’ll know you’re close when you spot some Perfumers.

Great Katana

This Great Katana is a sword you can find on top of a corpse right beside the Ghostflame Dragon. This is west of the Ailing Village in Gravesite Plain.


You’ll find Milady at the top of a tower in Castle Ensis. Once you cross the bridge heading towards the castle, continue along the main path heading southwest. You’ll then want to climb up the wooden stairs which will lead you to the tower in question.

Early Armor

Blackgaol Set

Just northwest of the Gravesite Plains Site of Grace is the Blackgaol Set. Not only do you get some armor, but a Blackgaol Greatsword as well. You can grab this set after defeating the Blackgaol Knight in the Western Unmarked Mausoleum.

Messmer Soldier Set

After defeating some Messmer Soldiers you can obtain the Messmer Soldier Set. The easiest way to find these enemies is by exploring the encampment outside of Castle Ensis.

Messmer Knight Set

A step up from the previous set is the Messmer Knight Set which is dropped by Black Knights. You can find Black Knights throughout the Gravesite Plain, but they’re more prevalent around the western part of the Castle Front encampment.

Since you’re still pretty early in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring, you’re probably wondering where to go first. Hopefully, these early weapon and armor locations help you decide where to venture to.

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