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Best Ellen Joe team comps in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

Who knew a shark would work so well with ice?

Like similar games such as Genshin Impact and Wuthering Waves, Zenless Zone Zero is all about finding the right team. You can snag a lot of free-to-play characters, but the primo compositions will require a lot of time (or real money). If you’ve been spending or just got very lucky, then let’s take a look at the best Ellen Joe team comps in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ).

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Best Ellen Joe team comps in ZZZ

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On launch, Ellen Joe is by far the best DPS character in all of Zenless Zone Zero. So if you’ve braved the ZZZ gacha system and snagged Ellen, you’re already on your way to massive damage numbers. That being said, the height of Ellen Joe’s damage mostly depends on the other characters that accompany our shark girl.

Zenless Zone Zero leans heavily into damage types, and as such, making sure you have the right characters surrounding your main DPS is very important. Here are the best Ellen Joe team comps in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ):

  • #1 — Iced Out Comp (Premium)
    • DPS: Ellen Joe
    • Stun: Lycaon
    • Support: Soukaku
  • #2 — Electric Ice (F2P)
    • DPS: Ellen Joe
    • Stun: Anby
    • Support: Soukaku

The Iced Out Ellen Joe team comp

Best Ellen Joe Team Comps In Zzz Soukaku
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The Iced Out Comp is touted as the best team comp in all of Zenless Zone Zero on release. ZZZ is all about matching damage types, and this team takes advantage of two other ice characters: Lycaon and Soukaku.

You get a free Soukaku simply by playing through the story, but Lycaon will have to be earned through gacha, much like Ellen. But the benefits you get from both of them are invaluable, thanks to Lycaon’s massive stun capabilities and Soukaku’s fantastic ice damage buffs.

In terms of playstyle, you’ll want to build up your special attack meter with Soukaku in order to activate her Rally the Flag ability, increasing Ice damage by 20% for characters with the same attribute. You can throw out Lycaon after to deal a decent amount of stagger damage, before activating your chain attack and swapping to Ellen.

The Electric Ice Ellen Joe team comp

The Electric Ice comp on the other hand is a great secondary option if you happen to get lucky with Ellen, but not so lucky with Lycaon. It also works great for free-to-play users, since Anby is currently the only stun character you get for free.

The playstyle of this team comp is essentially the exact same as the Iced Out Comp. The only difference is that you won’t receive the extra damage when using Anby to stagger enemies. Keep this in mind when going up against higher-difficulty enemies, as you might have to use some battery charges to get more leveling materials for your agents.

It’s only a matter of time until even better characters get released, so while this comp is currently the best in the game, that can change with subsequent updates. New characters will come with their own drawbacks, benefits, and a unique voice actor to bring them to life.

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