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The 5 best gaming monitors for any setup

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With the launch of the new series of GPUs from both AMD and nVidia many gamers may be finding themselves in need of a new monitor, and here we’ve gathered to top 5 gaming monitors for any setup. In this round-up, we’ve hit all the bases. High-end, low-end, ultra-wide, normal-wide, you name it we’ve got it.

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The high-end

Alienware Aw3821dw best gaming monitors

Image via Dell

First of the top 5 gaming monitors for any setup – the Alienware AW3821DW (what a catchy name!). With all that space you are saving with that small form factor PC why not go ultrawide? The Alienware AW3821DW strikes that great balance between visual fidelity and high refresh rates. With 144hz and 2ms gray to gray you’ll be sitting pretty in your Valortant comp matches. With the monitor’s IPS Nano Color, VESA DisplayHDR™ 600, and 130.6% sRGB, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut creatives will be able to make great use of the AW3821DW as well. It’s not for the faint of heart or light of wallet at $1349.99 USD, however.

Sony Inzone M9

Image via Sony

To truely be the top 5 gaming monitors for any setup we needed to include something for the 4k setup. With that in mind, might we recommend the Sony Inzone M9 display? They have long made some of the best TVs out there, and finally are making outstanding PC monitors. Rocking an IPS panel,144hz and a 1ms response time this is all you could ask for in a 4k gaming monitor. The full array local dimming will have any HDR game looking magnificent, and it is VESA mountable to keep your table nice and clear. It’s a bit cheaper at $899.99 USD.


The budget-friendly

Asus Vp249qgr

Image via ASUS

For those in the market for something a bit more affordable we would point you in the direction of the ASUS VP249QGR. At just $159.99 USD ASUS is putting quite a lot of bang in this monitor. 144hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT, and free-sync, the only real drawback is that it’s 1080p FHD. Considering the price point, however, you shouldn’t be expecting more than that anyway.

Lg 32gn63t B

Image via LG

For those who want that step up to a 1440p gaming monitor, we recommend the LG 32GN63T-B. Clocking in at 165hz this QHD display should satisfy those in the midrange category. With 1ms response time and even HDR (though it is HDR10) this again packs a punch for its price tag of $246.99 USD at the time of writing.

The best of both

Samsung Odessey G7 best gaming monitors

Image via Samsung


And the last of the top 5 gaming monitors for any setup for those looking for the highest of refresh rates, the SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 is where it’s at. Coming in at a 240hz, 1ms gray to gray, 1440p,  QLED panel, HDR 600, this is really the best of what a competitive gamer could ask for. At least until ultrawide 4k monitors come down in price. It is VESA mountable although the stand it comes with is highly articulated. It comes in at $799.99 USD.

With this selection of monitors, we feel that we should have gamers of any taste or need covered. It’s an exciting time in the gaming monitor space right now, and we will be seeing a lot of new developments and big changes in the next two to three years, so keep your eyes on this space as we continue to cover this rapidly developing segment of tech!

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