Best Gloves in MW3 ranked

Best Gloves in MW3 ranked
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I never thought I’d see the day when the perk system in Call of Duty finally gets an overhaul. Well, in MW3, the developers have decided enough is enough. It’s not a massive change, but Perk effects are now granted to players based on their gear. If you’re looking for the best gloves in MW3 ranked, I’ve got you covered.

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Best Glove perks in MW3

Six sets of gloves are available for use in the MW3. Just like Killstreaks, some are locked by character level, and others are hidden away in the Armory. Here are the gloves on offer and what they do:

  • Quick-Grip Gloves – Increases Weapon Swap speed
  • Scavenger Gloves – Resupply ammo and Throwing Knives from dead players
  • Command Gloves – Reload while sprinting
  • Ordnance Gloves – Throw equipment further. Reset the fuse timer on thrown-back grenades
  • Marksman Gloves – Reduces sway and flinch while ADS
  • Assault Gloves – While jumping, time to ADS and accuracy is improved

All of these gloves are good, and they all complement specific playstyles. I recommend experimenting to find what works best for you. If you’re new to the series, you may find the extra ammo from Scavenger Gloves helpful, but the Quick-Grip Gloves may be a better fit as your confidence grows in gunfights, for example.

All Gloves in MW3 ranked

All Gloves in MW3 ranked
Image: PC Invasion

Here are my picks for the best gloves in MW3. I’m an aggressive player and constantly push fights. With this in mind, my favorites may differ from your own.

#6 Ordnance Gloves

Ordnance Gloves are good for the grenadiers among you, and the fuse reset is handy, but there’s a catch.

Once you’re used to throwing grenades further than usual, swapping back and retaining your accuracy is problematic. The fuse reset has uses, but Semtex is arguably the more popular throwable, and you can’t throw it back. Grenades are prevalent while MW3 is in its infancy, but that’s likely due to Semtex being locked behind the Armory system.

#5 Marksman Gloves

I love the idea of Marksman Gloves, and the flinch resistance and sway reduction make them an attractive choice for snipers.

These Gloves are only useful for specific weapons, which is why I’ve ranked them so low, but they are an attractive option if you’re chasing long-range engagements. With MW3’s longer time to kill, you can expect your targets to fire back more often. If these gloves win you a couple of extra engagements per match, they are well worth using.

#4 Commando Gloves

Reloading while sprinting is a valuable perk, but its niche uses mean I can’t rate the Commando gloves any higher. If I’m running, it’s usually to cover open ground or if I’m trying a cheesy close-range build. The issue is that sound is a big deal in Call of Duty. If a player hears you coming, they will be ready. If you’re caught reloading while sprinting, you’re dead.

Combined with the Covert Sneakers that reduce the sound of your footsteps, Commando Gloves are deadly. Outside that niche case, I prefer the other options.

#3 Assault Gloves

In 1v1 fights, you have to do everything you can to avoid getting shot while trying to maintain accuracy. My goto maneuver is usually ducking and sliding, but Assault Gloves allow you to maintain pressure while jumping.

Assault Gloves favor a specific aggressive playstyle, but you can catch players off guard if they expect their recoil to land shots on your head. Although I don’t jump much, I’ve been wrecked by plenty of players using Assault Gloves and can confirm they are deadly in the right hands.

#2 Scavenger Gloves

Scavenger Gloves may be perfect if you’re a new player who struggles to land your shots or you’re so good that you live long enough to have ammo issues. Depending on your weapon choice, ammo can be a brutal resource to manage, and Scavenger Gloves remove that problem entirely. 

Scavenger Gloves are fantastic, and it feels great not to worry about ammo. This equipment narrowly misses the top spot and only just loses out to the Quick-Grip Gloves. Here’s why.

#1 Quick-Grip Gloves

My pick for the top spot is the Quick-Grip gloves, as they give you an advantage in combat. We’ve all been in those situations where we run out of bullets during a gunfight. In that situation, you have two choices. Reload your gun (which always feels like it takes an eternity) or swap.  

If you have a decent sidearm, swapping is usually the best choice, and the Quick Grip gloves let you do this faster. I’m guilty of walking around with my gun half-empty, and quickly swapping has saved my life dozens of times. For me, these gloves patch a flaw in my playstyle, so putting them at number one is an easy choice.

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