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by Menashe

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The PC has evolved for decades and graphics are better than ever now, surpassing consoles on high end machines. Clearly there have been games that once were considered to have great graphics but are quite outdated. So, for this list we’re going to stick to games that were released over the past handful of years. If we had to choose one winner that looked better than the rest, it probably would be Metro 2033. Although, Hard Reset really looks incredible for an indie game. Still, Metro 2033 has two things going for it. First is the lighting, which far surpasses the lighting in any other game on this list. And second of all, is the atmosphere and visual style, which really allow the graphics to immerse you into the game. We have a few strategy games on this list. Strategy games often look incredible to the amount of different models running around the screen at once, and the vast detail they scatter onto one single screen. Anno 1404 accomplishes this with its complex architecture. (We opted for 1404 over 2707 because 2707, despite being more recent, lost some of the 1404’s style in the jump to futuristic architecture.) Starcraft 2 has lovers and haters for its visual style, but those who are into it like the amount of units and particle effects all executing at once. Shogun 2 does the best job at presenting you with a human army in the thousands. X3 brings the strategy visual spectacle into space. Another game way out in the cosmos is EVE Online, which brings us to the MMO arena. Age of Conan and TERA both do the best job at presenting a massive fantasy world. And The Secret World wows people with its very unique character and world design. Stalker: Lost Alpha took a beautiful game and made it even more lush with the Lost Alpha mod. Arma 2 was the most realistic war game for a while. (Just wait until you get a glimpse of Arma 3.) And finally, Warhammer 40k Space Marine has a gritty stylistic take on the war between Orks and Ultramarines.

If you’re looking for Dear Esther, she’s in the Best Art Styles list.┬áHere’s the full list of games and screenshots for the Best Graphics in Games on PC (only exclusives):

Age of Conan

Anno 1404

Arma 2

Eve Online

Hard Reset

Metro 2033

Shogun 2

Stalker Lost Alpha

Starcraft 2


The Secret World

Warhammer 40k Space Marine

X3: Albion Prelude

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