Best Keybindings And How To Change Them In Murky Divers
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Best keybindings and how to change them in Murky Divers

A mess of controls.

Murky Divers is a co-op horror game like Lethal Company, but as soon as you hop into the game you’ll quickly realize how strange the keybindings are. Let’s go over the best keybindings to use in Murky Divers and how to change them.

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Murky Divers: How to change to the best keybindings

The default keybindings for Murky Divers are strange, to say the least. Instead of the usual WASD, you swim forward with the “Z” key and backward with “S”, which doesn’t make sense. Practically all the keybindings don’t make sense and aren’t intuitive, and you can change them by going into settings and selecting “Change Keybindings”.

Best Keybindings And How To Change Them In Murky Divers Settings
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From here, you can see all the available keybindings, which can be pretty confusing if you don’t know how the majority of the controls even work. After spending some time changing the controls, I figured out the best solution to the keybinding problem and found a more intuitive keybinding setup. Here are all the keybindings you should change and which keys you should switch them to:

  • Swim forward: W
  • Swim back: S
  • Swim left: A
  • Swim right: D
  • Module 1: Q
  • Module 2: E
  • Station top left: U
  • Station top: I
  • Station top right: O
  • Station bottom left: J
  • Station bottom: K
  • Station bottom right: L

In the majority of PC video games, players like to use the WASD keys to move. I’m not sure why Murky Divers had them set to entirely different keys, but first, you should swap your swim buttons to WASD. Keey “Swim up” and “Swim down” to left shift and left ctrl since those are still intuitive enough to use them swimming with WASD.

Now you’re probably confused about what the Module and Station buttons do. The Module buttons are shown at the top left of your UI and I’ve yet to figure out how they work. But the reason I chose the Station buttons layout is because it resembles a WASD layout. You’ll use the Station keybindings when operating your ship, which is difficult in itself.

I found that making the Station buttons a few keys over from the WASD keys made sure they didn’t interfere with my swimming movements and I was still able to naturally place three fingers on the keys “J”, “K”, and “L”. When needing to operate certain things on the ship like moving the ship itself or pulling the lever to open the door, I just used the IJKL layout, which mimics WASD.

Best Keybindings And How To Change Them In Murky Divers Navigating Ship
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll only have to use the “Station top left” and “Station top right” keys in certain situations like when navigating the ship, and your keys are easily displayed on the console in front of you. The keys “U” and “O” are positioned correctly to make sense with the top left and top right directions.

You shouldn’t have any trouble playing Murky Divers after this, and hopefully, these keybindings also work for you! Now, you may have trouble with the monsters in Murkey Divers.

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