Featured The 12 Best Minecraft Texture Packs Of All Time

The 12 best Minecraft texture packs of all time

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Minecraft is one of the most creative sandboxes out there. However, fans know that it is somehow limited by its graphics — even if the simple voxel aesthetic is rather charming. You can recreate many things in the real world, but because of how the blocks look, your works of art won’t look as grand as you’d expect them to be. But that’s why we have resource packs. Below are some of the best texture packs you can use for Minecraft.

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The best Minecraft texture packs you should try or own


As the name implies, this resource pack offers a faithful recreation of Minecraft’s original aesthetic but makes it neater. It’s like looking at the same game, but with crisper and cleaner graphics.


A resource pack for Java Edition, Stratum enhances the blocks by making textures as realistic as possible. The grain in wood blocks, for example, will be more visible as will the cracks in the bark of trees. This will obviously require a more powerful PC, but the upgrade in visuals is worth it.

Harkenburg City

This resource pack allows you to recreate the modern looks of today’s cities. Blocks used to create roads now look like tarmac, and glass blocks used for windows look like windows instead of plain glass blocks. This pack gives you more freedom to create what you envision. This is one of the best Minecraft texture packs if you enjoy creating massive cities to share.

RTX Ray Tracing Pack

This resource pack allows you to create stunning Minecraft-ish works of art without spending on an RTX-capable graphics card. It’s a texture pack created in partnership with Nvidia to show off just how Minecraft RTX mode could look like. It’s downloadable, but keep in mind you can’t play survival mode in it.

John Smith Legacy

This pack brings rustic and medieval looks to Minecraft. It’s an all-time favorite among many gamers, particularly those uploading build guides to YouTube. It has everything you need to build castles, fortresses, villages, and even your own orchard if you want it.


MineBricks is the perfect pack to use if you’re looking for some nostalgia or want to introduce someone older to Minecraft. It changes the bricks so that your world looks like a Lego game. Your footsteps even sound like Lego pieces clacking against one another.

Retro NES

Another pack for those who want nostalgia, the Retro NES resource pack downgrades Minecraft’s graphics so they’ll look like NES games in 3D. This is the perfect pack if you want to recreate worlds from Super Mario, or even Metroid.

Bare Bones

Unlike other packs meant to add more details, Bare Bones strips Minecraft of texture so that everything will look straightforward. Trees, for example, look like chunks of green atop a wood trunk. It simplifies the game’s aesthetics even further.

Good Vibes

If you want a cuter Minecraft, this is the resource pack you need. It introduces bright palettes and even gives critters a redesign. As the name implies, it offers a feel-good look that’s both refreshing and alive.


This resource pack is kind of similar to Faithful, but is more realistic-looking without removing the original feel of the game. Some things will look more defined — like a villager’s look or how animals appear — but it still is the same old Minecraft.

Luna HD

As the name suggests, this resource pack offers high-definition looks as compared to regular Minecraft. It has the same blocky world, but things look like they do in real life. Bodies of water, for example, look like they have real water. This is one of the best Minecraft texture packs for those who want the game to look modern and realistic.

Epic Adventures

This resource pack sits between Clarity and Luna HD when it comes to making things look more realistic without losing the Minecraft feel. The leaves on trees look more fluffy, environmental features like the moon have gorgeous detail, and things have deeper colors. Even creepers look more creepy.

How to install resource packs

Excited to try these resource packs out so your Minecraft will look better? Here’s how:

For Minecraft Java Edition on PC:

  • Download the resource pack from the relevant site.
  • Go to Settings then Resource Packs.
  • Click on the “Resource Packs Folder” button to open it.
  • Drop the resource pack you downloaded into the folder.
  • Select the resource pack in the “Resource Packs” menu in the game.

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC or consoles:

  • Go to the Marketplace.
  • Search for your desired resource pack, pay for it, and download it.
  • After downloading, go to Settings and select Global Resources.
  • Select the downloaded pack under My Packs.

What are resource packs in Minecraft?

Resource packs, previously known as texture packs, have changed the way Minecraft looks by modifying the way blocks appear. Some packs enhance the overall aesthetic of the game by making it look more realistic. Other packs introduce different designs that can make the game look more cartoon-ish and fun.

There are tons of resource packs ranging from those offering a medieval look to a more futuristic look. You can install them whether you are playing the Java Edition or the Bedrock Edition to give your Minecraft a fresh new look.

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