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Best Mutant class in Modern Warfare 3 Mutation Mode

Wait, I was told this was going to be like X-Men.

In Season Four of Modern Warfare 3, you have the chance to become a mutant. There are more than one, and this guide will show you the best Mutant class Mutation Mode in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3: Best Mutant class to use in Mutation Mode

Currently, there are four Mutant classes to pick from. Out of the four, the Radioactive Beast is the best mutant class to use. First, you are half dog and half human. Out the gates, that has to be the coolest thing about this class. When you’re in this form, you charge at enemies and do devastating damage. This can help you get any of the new Woods skin variants. So I highly recommend opting for this class.

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On top of being a crazed beast, you’ll also heal and increase the speed of your teammates. Additionally, when you howl, you reveal the location of the enemy team on the minimap for your entire team to see. Note, that it doesn’t show the entire enemy team, just any enemy near you. Think of it as the UAV drone only a lot more potent. 

What other Mutant classes are in Mutation Mode?

As mentioned, there are four in total, and they have different attributes that make them unique. You can find if any of them are interesting below. 

Mutated Leaper: When enraged, this class becomes faster, stronger, and more aware of its surroundings. I would say be very far away from this class as it can detect you better the closer you get. The Mutated Leaper also has a charged high leap attack that can throw off the team without a warning.

Contaminated Sludger: This one has more range because it throws out a Sludger that has a massive blast radius. At long range, this class can launch a Smoke Grenade that blinds the enemy. But if you’re fighting at short range, it has an Acid Blast that leaves acid on the ground. Whenever an enemy walks into a pool, it hurts and slows down the victim. 

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Camouflaged Sneaker: As the name states it’s about being hidden. While partially invisible, you can jump at enemies with an electrified attack that disorients them. To make it last, consider throwing in an EMP for good measure. 

Additionally, if you are on the human side, you get Killstreaks. For every zombie that is controlled by a player, that counts as a single Killstreak. However, when you kill up to five NPC zombies, you get plus five Killstreak. If you bank up to 15 Killstreak points, you can earn the Juggernaught ability.

For the Zombie side, by simply getting a high number of human kills, you can earn the powerful Muntant Juggernaught.

What is Mutation Mode?

According to the MW3 blog post, this mode can happen during multiplayer skirmishes. A mode might start as something else but can end as the Mutant Mode. 

This mode is kill-based akin to Team Death Match. One side has humans, the other has the Mutated class of operators. Humans get to use the guns and their traditional loadouts. For mutants, they have the aforementioned abilities. This means you won’t be able to use weapons. Additionally, if you’re on the Mutant side, you’ll have help from AI mutants causing damage to the human players. 

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Image: Activision

While this mode is for the mutant’s benefit, if you’re on the human side, you still have a good fighting chance. Before you go into a match, consider arming yourself with stronger weapons like the Game is Love Blueprint. That way, you can deal with mutant threats without losing stable ground.

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