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The launch of Overwatch 2 brought with it plenty of noteworthy changes and improvements. The longevity of a shooter can often be increased by updates and content. However, for games like Overwatch 2, there is one thing that brings players back, and that’s getting all the best skins for their favorite characters.

Players of Overwatch will keep their previous skins from the OG version. Still, newer players might have difficulty choosing suitable skins to buy, given that the loot box system is already gone. Players can also purchase some skins via different currencies, and some are included in exclusive time-limited bundles.

That said, below are the best skins to own in Overwatch 2.

Which characters have the best skins in Overwatch 2

Mercy – Devil

Mercy Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Gone are the pitchforks — make way for that Caduceus staff, because this skin turns Mercy into our guardian devil. We love the irony here; imagine the purest hero of them all, the guardian angel of the team, wearing a devil’s costume. And while devils are known to bring chaos and pain, this one brings healing, buffs, and resurrection. You absolutely need to play Mercy with this skin on.

Kiriko – Hinotori

Kiriko Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Mercy may have been the OG healer, but Kiriko is gaining a massive fanbase, especially those who love her cool ninja look. We picked Hinotori because it’s the only skin for Kiriko that changes the style of her Kunai and Healing Ofuda. You can also have this skin for free if you watch your favorite Overwatch 2 streamer for six hours.

Mermaid – Symmetra

Symmetra Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Symmetra’s mermaid skin broke the internet as soon as it was announced during the 2021 Summer Games. In fact, it was released along with Mei and Ashe’s, but fans quickly forgot about those when they saw this silver-haired form. Just take note that this is a limited-edition skin that can only be purchased during a themed event. If you chance upon its rerun, consider yourself lucky.

Reinhardt – Wujing

Reinhardt Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Reinhardt’s Wujing skin is based on a famous classic novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en. This was part of the Chinese New Year skins collection, and we believe this is one of the best Reinhardt skins (which is saying a lot, since he has a lot of good skins). The story of Sha Wujing might be about an outcasted celestial being kicked for breaking a god’s goblet, but this skin is definitely not being outcasted on our list.

Sojourn – Commando

Sojourn Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Overwatch 2 might be a sci-fi-themed game, but we believe some realistic military vibes don’t hurt. This skin made the former Overwatch commander wear the very iconic red bandana that people born in the ’80s and ’90s will instantly recognize. It’s straight out of Rambo, clearly, and fits Sojourn’s personality and style well.

D.Va – EDM

Dva Edm Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot via PC Invasion

D.Va is one of the characters with a lot of good skins such as the Taegeukgi, Cruiser, B.Va, and many more, this one stood out because of all the custom in-game effects (such as custom sound effects for all her abilities) that happen when you’re equipped with it. In fact, you can nerf your opponents back to their spawn point with an Ult that plays a sick EDM beat.

Reaper – Shiver

Reaper Shiver Skin Overwatch2

Screenshot by  PC Invasion

This should’ve been number one if we’re talking about qualify versus rarity. Reaper’s Shiver is one of the best Overwatch 2 skins, and way too good to be just an epic. The palette added creepiness to an already creepy character like Reaper. Sadly, this is a themed skin, so if you’re a new player, you might not get it again. However, Blizzard might bring it back if the demand is high enough.

Soldier 76 – Grillmaster

Soldier best overwatch 2 skins

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Jack Morrison, aka Soldier 76, is the uncle you would love to have in a cook-out. This got a George Foreman grill vibes into it. Soldier 76 is clearly a badass guy who loves to have good food, and brings heat not only on the battlefield but also in the kitchen. We absolutely love how the team created this — it shows a very laid back side to our grizzled warrior.

Hanzo – Lone Wolf

Hanzo Lone Wolf best overwatch 2 skins

Screenshot by PC Invasion

We have to admit we’re a bit biased for this one. For Hanzo, Lone Wolf is out of character since he’s the son of a wealthy crime lord. Regardless, the skin fits Hanzo’s ‘hunter’ personality, and the exclusive animation (a pair of wolves instead of dragons) and a voice line convinced us the skin belongs on this list.

D.Va – Shin Ryeong

Dva Shinryeong best overwatch 2 skins

Screenshot via PC Invasion

D.Va is a Korean character, so choosing a Korean mythological character is an excellent move. We’re especially big fans of her mech suit dressed up as a haunted temple. Think about it: the skin portrays a spirit (D.Va) dwelling mostly inside a haunted temple (robot) — it’s clever. The Shin Ryeong skin is part of Overwatch’s Halloween series, and Blizzard absolutely perfected the mix of culture and theme with it.

Overwatch 2 has a ton of great skins, many of which didn’t make it into this list. To discover your personal favorites, we suggest picking your desired gameplay first so you’ll know what hero you should prioritize when starting your skin collection.

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