Best Reclaimer 18 build in MW3 Warzone - Attachments, loadout, and more
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Best Reclaimer 18 build in MW3 Warzone – Attachments, loadout, and more

Another returning classic.

Shotguns are usually pretty inconsistent in Call of Duty, but nothing is more satisfying than nailing your opponents in a single shot. With this in mind, here’s the best Reclaimer 18 build in MW3 Warzone: Attachments, loadout, and more.

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How to get the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun in MW3

Best Reclaimer 18 build in MW3 Warzone - Attachments, loadout, and more
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can unlock the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun as part of the free track on the Battle Pass. The weapon is in Sector 23 (pictured above), and it’s adjacent to Sector 1, where you start, so you can go for it, even if you’ve not played in a while.

Once you’ve unlocked the other four rewards in Sector 23, you can claim the Shotgun. If you’re reading this guide after Season 4 Reloaded has expired, you can get the Reclaimer 18 through the Armory system.

Best Reclaimer 18 Attachments in MW3 Warzone

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The Reclaimer 18 is a unique shotgun as it has a couple of firing modes. You can cycle through them by pressing left on the D-PAD, and Pump is far more potent than semi-automatic, in my opinion. Damage output seems more consistent with the Pump, and our Attachments make every shot exceptionally punchy:

Reclaimer 18 Attachments

  • Laser – STOVL Tac Laser
  • Barrel – Discourager 900 Heavy Barrel
  • Muzzle – Bryson Improved Choke
  • Underbarrel – Bruen Bastion Angled Grip
  • Stock – Hinge LAF Light Stock

If you’re a shotgun enjoyer, you’ll notice a few of the usual suspects in the attachment list, but here’s why we use each specific one:

STOVL Tac Laser

The STOVL Tac Laser is arguably the best in slot Laser for shotguns, as it incurs zero penalties. This attachment improves our accuracy by reducing hipfire spread, so more pellets should hit the target.

I recommend using the sights when you can, but the STOVL is great for situations where you’re forced to fire from the hip.

Discourager 900 Heavy Barrel

The Discourager is the only barrel for the Reclaimer 18 that improves the weapons range. We gain a whopping 15% increase in the Effective Damage Range, which is no joke on a Shotgun.

We also gain a small improvement in bullet velocity and handling. Unfortunately, we eat a couple of downgrades to reload speed, but the Reclaimer 18 reloads so slowly that you wouldn’t do it mid-fight anyway.

Bryson Improved Choke

The Bryson Improved Choke is probably the most popular muzzle for Shotguns in MW3. This monster attachment increases our Effective Damage Range while tightening our Hipfire Pellet Spread.

The dramatic improvements to accuracy do come with a tiny penalty to ADS Speed (only 2%) and a nerf to our recoil control. Both are small prices to pay to improve the Reclaimer 18’s consistency.

Bruen Bastion Angled Grip

I feel like a broken record with this attachment, as I frequently recommend it. The Bruen Bastion Angled Grip gives us tremendous buffs for our pellet spread, further improving our consistency.

Our maximum pellet spread is reduced by a ridiculous 28%. It’s such a noticeable difference that it makes most other under-barrel options obsolete. If you’re still not sold on the Angled Grip, we also enjoy a 10% reduction in Gun Kick.

Hinge LAF Light Stock

Finally, we have the Hinge LAF Light Stock, which further improves our pellet spread stat. We gain a slight ADS speed increase to offset some of the penalties we’ve gathered from other attachments.

I like this attachment as it increases movement speed, which helps us fight SMG users. Crouch movement speed, in particular, is increased by 14% which is great for you crab walkers out there!

Should I use Dragon’s Breath Ammunition with the Reclaimer 18?

I love Dragon’s Breath Shotguns, as they make players panic. It’s hard to retaliate if you’re eating a salvo of flaming pellets.

Unfortunately, the Reclaimer 18 has a lousy magazine size, so you can’t keep the pressure up for long. With this in mind, the Reclaimer is better used as a traditional shotgun. If you’re accurate, you can give the 12 Gauge Slugs a go, but I find them tricky to use, and the damage is inconsistent.

Best Loadout for the Reclaimer 18 Loadout for MW3 Warzone

If you’re going all in with a close-range build, the Superi 46 is arguably the strongest SMG in the game. A shotgun and SMG pairing is deadly, but I prefer a long-range option to complement my Reclaimer 18.

With this in mind, you can’t go wrong with the Kar98K Sniper Rifle, which is still a monster even if it’s been nerfed. If you prefer an automatic weapon, the Holger 26 slaps and is a strong meta contender in Warzone.

I’ve sworn by Smoke Grenades for equipment for a long time, and Season 4 Reloaded doesn’t change that. The ability to create cover is too strong to ignore. You can use Smoke to revive teammates and escape sticky situations.

Smoke Grenades can even be used offensively to create chaos and block sniper sight lines. I love Throwing Knives as they instantly kill downed opponents, but feel free to use Frags or Semtex if you prefer.

Best Perks to use with the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun

I’m an aggressive player, so your mileage may vary with perks, but here’s what I like to use:

  • Sleight of Hand
  • Battle Hardened
  • Tempered
  • High Alert

Sleight of Hand is incredible with Shotguns, as they can be a little unreliable. Sometimes, swapping to an automatic weapon is safer after the initial hit to finish the job.

I swear by Battle Hardened, even if it doesn’t come up too often. Few things in COD are more annoying than dying because of a lucky stun; the perk helps with that. Tempered is another solid Perk, as it allows you to reengage quicker if your armor gets destroyed.

Finally, I’m rocking High Alert as it tells me when I’m getting looked at, but Ghost remains a solid choice to counter pesky UAVs.

If you fancy a break from Warzone, Mutation mode is a great place to let off some steam. Make sure you swat up on the Augmentation system, as they dramatically alter the gameplay.

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