Bosses Correct Order Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Best Shadow of the Erdtree boss order in Elden Ring

Nothing is safe.

There are an absolute ton of bosses to battle within Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree, and making sure you know the order will stop you from being completely out of your depth too early. If you’re looking for more Elden Ring guides, check out the guide hub.

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Main boss order in SotE

Although there are 11 main bosses in SotE, there are only really seven you have to beat to finish the game. You will most likely fight each of the Shadow of the Erdtree bosses in this order.

  1. Divine Beast Dancing Lion Belurat (Gravesite Plain)
  2. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight (Castle Ensis in Gravesite Plain)
  3. Romina, Saint of the Bud (Church of the Bud, Rauh Ruins)
  4. Golden Hippopotamus – (Shadow Keep Front Gate)
  5. Messmer the Impaler (Shadow Keep in Scadu Altus)
  6. Needle Knight Leda or Allies (Enir-Ilim)
  7. Radahn, Consort of Miquella (Enir-llim)
Rellana Bosses Order Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Rellana and Romina can be switched depending on how you approach the game. However, due to leveling and storyline, this is how I would suggest approaching the game. It ensures you will be around the right level and have the necessary context.

All Rememberance bosses, in order

If you want to go above and beyond in Shadow of The Erdtree, you can hammer out all the optional bosses too. It is well worth doing for the weapons, armor, and other items you will collect. Beating each of these will help you level up for the next big boss in Shadow of The Erdtree too.

Each of these bosses will leave you with a remembrance.

  1. Divine Beast Dancing Lion (Gravesite Plain)
  2. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight (Castle Ensis)
  3. Putrescent Knight (Stone Coffin Fissure)
  4. Golden Hippopotamus – Shadow Keep Front Gate
  5. Messmer The Impaler (Shadow Keep)
  6. Commander Gaius (Scaduview)
  7. Scadutree Avatar (Scadutree Base)
  8. Bayle the Dread (Jagged Peak)
  9. Metyr, Mother Of Fingers (Finger Birthing Grounds, Ymir’s Quest)
  10. Midra, Lord Of Frenzied Flame (Midra’s Manse, Abyssal Woods)
  11. Romina, Saint Of The Bud (Church Of The Bud, Ancient Ruins Of Rauh)
  12. Needle Knight Leda (Enir-Ilim)
  13. Promised Consort Radahn (Enir-Ilim)
Golden Hippopotamus Shadow Of The Erdtree Bosses Order
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If you approach the bosses in Shadow of The Erdtree in this order, I feel you’ll have the best time. They can be approached in almost any order, of course, but this is the path of least resistance. If you want to know the list of all the remembrances along with the bosses, check out the full list.

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